• Student faces away from camera towards sun, makes the "W" with hands/fingers.

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    Use Broncos Abroad to explore WMU Study Abroad program options.

  • Student with WMU flag draped over back floats down the Amazon river in a boat.

    Attend an Information Session

    Attending a 30-min, virtual information session is Step 1 in your journey abroad.

  • WMU Global Engagement Program, Year 1: Global Learning for All. Global Classroom Course + Virtual Study Abroad Course = Earn $500 study abroad scholarship.

    WMU Global Engagement Program

    Earn $500 study-abroad scholarship in Year 1: "Global Learning for All" by taking courses to learn about the world, interacting with peers abroad and studying abroad virtually.

Video of Importance of study abroad in global learning | Western Michigan University

Study abroad is a crucial part of global learning