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  • Kelly Tauschek-Hill smiling in front of ruins in Italy.

    Study Abroad Made Me Who I Am Today

    After I returned home from my first study abroad trip, I got a 4.0 every single semester through graduate school. I truly believe my study abroad trip helped create the person who was capable of that. Studying abroad has always made me feel like I have an edge professionally and personally. As a therapist, it helps me understand and empathize with my clients on a different level.

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  • Raegan looks over a city in Italy.

    Study Abroad Sets Me Apart in Interviews

    Studying abroad has sparked interest from my employers, and does prompt interview questions. I think studying abroad does set me apart in the competitive job market and during the interview, I discuss my learnings abroad and how I can apply them in my professional life to help me succeed in whatever role I'm applying for at the time.

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