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Explore & Apply

Explore and apply to WMU Study Abroad Programs in one convenient place: Broncos Abroad.

Study abroad programs vary in length, location, number of travelers, academic focus and more. The following are general categories of study abroad programs: 

  1. Faculty-led programs are hosted and accompanied by WMU faculty representing various disciplines. Programs can be either short-term, ranging one week to ten weeks, or long-term, a semester in length.  
  2. WMU exchange programs are programs in which WMU students are swapped for students from an internationally accredited university. In exchange programs, WMU students pay home tuition. 
  3. Partner study abroad programs are programs in which WMU students are enrolled in a nationally or internationally accredited university. In partner programs. WMU students work with a Study Abroad Specialist to apply to a host university. 
  4. University-approved program provider are study abroad experiences offered by external organizations.
  5. International internships are opportunities offered by organizations in which students gain field expertise abroad.
  6. Virtual Study Abroad give students the opportunity to gain many of the skills acquired when traveling abroad while studying from their own homes. 

Study Abroad staff members also assist students who choose to participate in other University-approved programs, an international internship, or an independent study abroad.  Students must have these activities approved by WMU Study Abroad prior to departure and meet specific requirements to receive credit toward their degree program.