Emergencies and Incident Reporting

request Emergency Assistance

In the event of an emergency while abroad, including either a physical or psychological crisis, please contact the following for immediate assistance:

  • (If participating in a WMU faculty-led program) Your faculty director.
  • Local emergency services.
  • Study Abroad Health & Emergency Insurance  +1-866-693-6873 (inside the US), +1-312-935-9242 (outside the US)
  • WMU Study Abroad 24/7 Emergency Assistance +1 (269) 387-5555. 

Report Sexual Assault or Misconduct to WMU: Title IX

Individuals should promptly report conduct that may violate Title IX. In addition, individuals are encouraged to report conduct that may violate criminal law to both the University and to local law enforcement. These processes are not mutually exclusive. Any University student, employee, or third party who seeks to report a sexual assault or misconduct should please refer to https://wmich.edu/sexualmisconduct/report for instructions.


Submit a complaint or concern

If you have a concern or complaint related to your experience working with WMU Study Abroad, please refer to the "Addressing Concerns" page by clicking the button below. Do not use this form to report an emergency.

Report Concern/Complaint