Financial Aid

Stockholm, Sweden.

Stockholm scene by study abroad alumna Jenna Hicken.

Financial aid and scholarships received to study on campus may be applied to Western Michigan University study abroad programs.

The cost estimate published on the study abroad online program brochure serves as the official financial aid budget. Students should take the budget to Student Financial Aid and Scholarships and meet with an advisor to determine any possible aid package. Federal, state and private financial aid may be applied to study abroad, including the Michigan Educational Trust and the Kalamazoo Promise (equivalent to cost of credit hours at WMU).

Students enrolled in courses offered by University-approved study abroad providers who are financial aid or scholarship recipients are also required to complete a budget sheet with their study abroad specialist prior to meeting with a financial aid advisor. Students are advised to bring cost estimates to the appointment with study abroad staff, including the program fee, anticipated round-trip airfare, costs for housing, meals, and local transportation, as well as any other program-related expenses. After meeting with a study abroad specialist, the student must make an appointment with financial aid to review the program budget and finalize any request for funding.

Special note to seniors

Once degree requirements are completed, students are no longer eligible for aid, per WMU's Student Financial Aid and Scholarships policy.