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WMU Study Abroad Learning Objectives

Learning objectives for all WMU Study Abroad programs are: 

  • Knowledge: demonstrating an understanding of a host culture’s values through a global lens.
  • Proficiencies: increasing global cognitive, professional and/or language skills. 
  • Perspective: gaining heightened awareness of your own individual origins, practices and habits, and empathizing with other cultures.
  • Connections: understanding that humans are interdependent and should work toward a just and a sustainable future.

Classroom presentations

WMU Employees in Ecuador 2015

Join the Office of Study Abroad's efforts to send more students abroad by inviting us into your classroom to share information with your students about the many opportunities available to them to study abroad while earning a degree at Western Michigan University. Presentations can be as short at 10 minutes or as long as an hour, depending on your schedule, and they are focused on the many benefits of studying abroad—personal, academic, and professional. Frequently asked questions about study abroad will also be covered, such as those related to how much it costs and how credits earned transfer to WMU.

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Program Proposals and Development Funding for WMU Faculty

  • Faculty Led Program Proposals: We are currently re-designing the faculty led proposal. If you are interested in proposing a new or repeat faculty led program, please contact Associate Director of Study Abroad, Alison Sprague (alison.m.sprague@wmich.edu)
  • Study Abroad Site Development Grant: Partial funding is available to WMU Faculty or Instructors to develop a new study abroad program. Grant funding is up to $2,000, and is considered partial funding (additional sources of funding are likely needed to cover all related costs). If you are interested in applying for this grant funding, please contact WMU Study Abroad Director, Joe Milostan (joseph.milostan@wmich.edu)

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