Faculty FAQ's & Tutorials

Faculty director faq's

'I can't find my online proposal application. How do I get back to it?'

You can find it in your Applicant Home. You can watch this tutorial on how to return to your application:


Video of How to Return to Your Program Proposal Application

I can't see my students when I search for them or in my Reviewer home. How do I find them?'

Request access to view your students by completing the online request form. This is an annual process. 

System Access

'Do I need to complete the entire online proposal application in one sitting?'

No. Broncos Abroad will save all completed requirements. You may return as many times as you need.


'Do I have to complete everything in order from top to bottom?'

No, application requirements can be completed in any order.


'I want to look at something I already submitted. Where do I find it?'

You can find everything you've already completed in your application at the bottom of the page. 


'I proposed a new program last year that did not run. Should I start start an online proposal for a new or previous program?'

If you plan on trying to run the same program, use the proposal to run a previous program.


'I've entered reviews for the students I want to admit to the program but their status has not changed. What's going on?'

Student statuses can only be changed in the system by a study abroad staff member. Unfortunately, the Broncos Abroad system does not have a notification system to let study abroad staff know when you have submitted reviews. To expedite the process, send an email to your study abroad specialist letting them know you submitted reviews.


'I have a graduate student or another WMU faculty member coming along as support staff. Where do they register?'

All travelers that are not acting as the primary director (any leader who will not be submitting a completion report) should complete a Support Staff Travel Registration. This ensures that we enroll them in GeoBlue insurance and that we have their emergency information on file in the event of an emergency. 





Starting a New Program Proposal 


Video of How to Propose to Lead a New Study Abroad Program


How to Propose to Lead a Previously Run Program


Video of How to Propose to Lead a Previously Run Program


How to Return to Your Online Proposal


Video of How to Return to Your Program Proposal Application