Procedures & Policies

To be successful in study abroad through Western Michigan University, it is important that students understand the procedures below. If a student is not sure about the meaning of these procedures, he or she should ask a Study Abroad staff member for more information. All content should be reviewed prior to finalizing a study abroad application.

Required Reading

General Expectations - Information on how WMU Study Abroad communicates with students and its expectations of all applicants.

Academic Credit - Receiving credit for courses taught abroad by WMU faculty or courses completed at a foreign university.

Dismissal - Grounds for dismissal from a study abroad program.

Risk Management - Requirements for mitigating risk while abroad.

Withdrawal and Refund Procedure - For students who drop out of a study abroad program after committing.

Additional Information

Addressing Concerns - Procedures for students who would like to address concerns related to their experience working with WMU Study Abroad.

Minors on Study Abroad Programs - Information for applicants under the age of 18.

Study Abroad Course Repeat Policy - Repeating a course taken at a foreign university.

Travel to Risky Destinations - Requesting individual permission to travel to select geographic destinations.

Unenrolled Guests Accompanying Programs - For participants wondering if spouses, children, etc. may accompany them.