The WMU Study Abroad office shall have the right to dismiss participants from any international education/independent study program at any time if (i) their conduct violates the WMU Student Code; (ii) they violate laws, rules and regulations, or customs of the host country, community, institution and program; or (iii) the study abroad office has reasonable cause to believe that their continued presence in the program constitutes a danger to the health or safety of persons or property or threatens the future viability of the program. The following behaviors are among those that may result in immediate dismissal from a program: alcohol abuse (as defined in the WMU Student Code of Conduct); physical or sexual assault; harassment; possession, use or distribution of illegal drugs; setting a fire or possession of explosives; possession of a weapon, including BB guns and knives; theft. The WMU Study Abroad office may suspend students pending final resolution of any alleged violation(s) of these provisions, and any and all costs arising from dismissal are borne by the dismissed student.