Mission Statement

Teaching and the study of education are lifelong intellectual processes. They are based on the ability to critically reflect upon the union of educational aims, meaningful content and the diversity of learners in our society. With this in mind, our programs include these areas of inquiry:   

  • Knowing how to build thoughtful, caring and productive relationships in educational settings.
  • Knowing the content of the subjects we teach.
  • Knowing the developmental nature and needs of children and youth.
  • Learning how to respond proactively to the educational needs of all those with whom we are engaged.
  • Reflecting about one’s self in relationship to vital educational aims and the teaching profession.
  • Reflecting about schools in relationship to the larger society.

As a result, graduates from our programs are prepared to work in a diverse array of settings and be leaders in promoting academic excellence, global awareness and engagement, democratic values and tolerance. This realizes our intent, to engage our students in developing a responsible voice within schools and the larger community.