Photo of Regena Fails Nelson
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Photo of Tammie (Klinger) DeRyder
Administrative Assistant II
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Photo of Ariel Anderson
Professor, Human Development and Early Childhood
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Photo of Amy Bentz
Faculty Specialist, Secondary Education
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Photo of Sojn Boothroyd
Instructor, Elementary Education and Socio-Cultural Studies
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Photo of Tracy DeMars
Faculty Specialist II, Elementary Education
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Photo of Allison Downey
Associate Professor, Elementary Education
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Photo of Paul Farber
Professor, Socio-Cultural Studies
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Photo of Lori Farrer
Faculty Specialist, Early Childhood
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Professor, Secondary Education
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Photo of Jill Hermann-Willmarth
Professor, Socio-Cultural Studies
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Photo of Jeffrey Jones
Associate Professor, Secondary Education
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Photo of Tetyana Koshmanova
Professor, Socio-Cultural Studies
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Photo of Moi Mooi Lew
Faculty Specialist I, Social-Cultural Studies
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Photo of Dini Metro-Roland
Professor, Educational Foundations
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Photo of James Muchmore
Associate Chair, Professor, Socio-Cultural Studies
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Photo of Lynn Nations Johnson
Professor, Elementary Education
Photo of Andrea Smith
Professor, Early Childhood
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Photo of Paul Vellom
Associate Professor, Elementary Education
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