Workforce Education and Development

Western Michigan University's Workforce Education and Development program prepares students for roles involving technical training and staff development. This program provides students with expertise in teaching and presenting technical content, hands-on internship and field experience opportunities, and the flexibility to focus on specific aspects of workforce development that are relevant to students' career goals. Graduates will also be qualified to teach at postsecondary institutions such as community colleges, technical institutes, military, correctional facilities, and other organizations where a bachelor’s degree and technical experience are required. This is not a teachable major. Students seeking teacher certification should visit the website.

Beyond the classroom

As a Workforce Education and Development student at WMU, you will be required to complete a total of 69 credits, including a 3-9 credit internship experience in a workforce development setting. You can also gain valuable experience through a field placement experience during your junior year.

After you graduate

This is a new major, but it is designed to prepare graduates for positions such as:

  • Technical institute instructor
  • Technical curriculum developer
  • Community college instructor
  • Staff and career development

The types of organizations that have these roles are:

  • Non-profit agencies
  • Government workforce training programs
  • Community colleges
  • Technical schools

Where is this program offered?

Where is this program offered? 

  • Kalamazoo
  • Many courses are also available online.

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