Management Council

In February 2004, the Asylum Lake Preserve Management Framework was adopted by Western Michigan University Board of Trustees. This framework identified the Asylum Lake Policy and Management Council. It specifies that the council shall be a self-sustaining body which is responsible to the WMU Vice President for Business and Finance, it shall have a majority of its members from WMU, and it shall meet at least twice a year with meetings open to the public.

Designated member representatives

Email Contact List of Council Members

University members

WMU Environmental Institute—Charles Ide
WMU VP for Business and Finance—Peter Strazdas, Sarah Larson                                               

WMU Director of Landscape Services - Mark Frever
WMU Environmental Studies Department—Steve Kohler
WMU Physical Plant—Steve Keto
At-Large—Cam Vossen
At-Large—Duane Hampton
At-Large—Tom Edmonds
At-Large—Dave Lemburg

Community voting members

Asylum Lake Preservation Association—Lauri Holmes
Environmental Concerns Committee of Kalamazoo—David Nesius
Kalamazoo Environmental Council—Tyler Bassett (Alternate: Kay Chase)
Oakland Drive/Winchell Neighborhood Association—Paul Scott
Parkwyn Village Association—Jay Emerson


List of committees with emails

Research and education

Tyler Basset
Charles Ide
Dave Lemberg
Jay Emerson
James Timmons


Tom Edmonds
Phil Micklin
Bruce LaBrie
Paul Scott
Arthur Falk


David Nesius
Tom Edmonds
Paul Scott

Water quality

Duan Hampton
Steve Kohler
Charles Ide
Phil Micklin

Management plan

Steve Keto
Kay Chase
Tyler Basset
Phil Micklin
Lauri Holmes

Press relations and signage

Lauri Holmes
Cam Vossen
Steve Keto
Susan Andress
Paul Scott


Mark Frever
Cam Vossen
David Nesius
Donna Tellam

Meeting schedule

The public is invited to attend. Meetings are held every second Thursday of the month, 7:00 pm

Hornet Suite - Kalamazoo College Field House - 1600 West Michigan Avenue (across from WMU - Recreation Center Parking)
1600 West Michigan Avenue
Kalamazoo, Michigan 49008

The next meeting is scheduled for June 14, 2018

Property and council framework documents

Additional information