Photos and Maps


Fall leaves on a log

This picture was taken from the "Seasons" album, on Asylum Lake's Flickr collection.

Images of Asylum Lake, from Landscape Services' Flickr account.


See the beautiful landscape of Asylum Lake throughout the year.

From the sky

Aerial photographs taken from a kite in 2009.


Historic photographs of Kalamazoo State Hospital's Colony Farm, which was run at Asylum Lake in the early 20th century.


Asylum Lake holds many events, some for research and education purposes, and some to help maintain the ecosystem.

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Map of Asylum Lake showing different locations with color overlays

Map of Asylum Lake

A selection of useful maps of Asylum Lake and other WMU areas.

Includes maps of:

  • Asylum Lake.
  • The Business, Technology and Research Park.
  • Floyd Hall.
  • Western Michigan University and its Natural Areas.

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