Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

This center strives to bring together community members, faculty, business experts and students to provide a setting for students to develop and commercialize new technology. For information, contact Dr. Robert Landeros, chair of the Department of Management.

What is entrepreneurship?

  • Entrepreneurship has been defined as the process of creating value through unique combinations of resources that exploit opportunity. To some, it's simply the art of turning an idea into a business.
  • You can look at entrepreneurship in many ways: a high-growth company backed by venture capitalists, a family-owned bakery or a local small business.
  • Corporate entrepreneurship describes firms of any size that are proactive, innovative, and risk-taking, while social entrepreneurship involves individuals or organizations pursuing opportunities to create and sustain social value and/or to solve social problems. 

The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at WMU supports all types of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneur Club

Faculty Advisor: Laurel Ofstein

The entrepreneur club seeks to understand all aspects of starting and growing a business. Students who may desire to start their own business someday can explore entrepreneurship through internships, mentorship, business plan competitions, and networking.