Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Pictured are student entrepreneurs during Demo Day

Located with the Haworth College of Business, this center brings together community members, faculty, business experts and students to provide a setting where students can develop and commercialize their ventures. For information, contact Dr. Decker Hains, chair of the department of management, or Barcley Johnson, associate director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at WMU Haworth.

What is entrepreneurship?

  • Entrepreneurship is the process of creating value through unique combinations of resources that exploit opportunity. 

  • You can look at entrepreneurship in many ways: a high-growth company backed by venture capitalists, a family-owned bakery or a local small business.

  • Corporate entrepreneurship describes firms of any size that are proactive and innovative, while social entrepreneurship involves individuals or organizations pursuing opportunities to create and sustain social value or working to solve social problems. 

The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at WMU Haworth supports all types of entrepreneurship.

Academic programs

Are you a creative, driven individual interested in building or managing your own business? The entrepreneurship program at Western Michigan University may be right for you! You’ll learn to identify entrepreneurial opportunities and build a viable business through developing capabilities in idea generation, opportunity recognition, resource acquisition and financial management. The major and minor in entrepreneurship are designed to combine in-class education with hands-on experiential learning. There are several ways to develop your own business while pursuing your degree by participating in the many entrepreneurship activities offered. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or interested in working for a small business, a major or minor in entrepreneurship will arm you with the skills vital for success.


There are activities and events available for entrepreneurship students and community members interested in developing their ideas, including the following:

Launchpad, a student club for entrepreneurs

This club helps WMU students understand all aspects of starting and growing a business. Students who want to start their own business someday can explore entrepreneurship through mentorship, skill-building activities and networking.