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Video of Center for Advanced Smart Sensors and Structures


CASSS forms the nucleus for the interdisciplinary research needed to strengthen the basic and applied research areas of integrated MEMS devices and smart flexible hybrid sensor structures required to foster graduate and undergraduate education in micro- and nanotechnology and to provide a platform for technology transfer to industry. CASSS provides a facility for the research, development, and application of materials for the fabrication of novel flexible electronic devices using additive print manufacturing technologies. The center serves the printing, paper, chemical, and electronics industries through material design and analysis studies, device prototyping, device testing, engineering projects, the establishment of setup protocols, and education and training. CASSS’s industry relationships will provide a unique level of experience and training to prospective researchers, promote innovation to see different disciplinary perspectives, and potentially provide the foundation for new disciplines at the intersections of traditional ones.



  • Screen printer

  • Goniometer

  • Inkjet printer

  • Rheometer

  • Rotogravure printer

  • Environmental chamber

  • Aerosol jet printer

  • Glove box

  • Flexography printer

  • X-ray diffraction analysis

  • 3D printing

  • Battery tester 

  • Laser pattering system

  • Atomic force microscope

  • Photonic sintering

  • Scanning electron microscope

  • Surface morphology characterization

  • Mark-10 force gauge

  • Thermalgravimetric analysis

  • Plasma chamber

  • Differential scanning calorimetry

  • Nano pre-mixer and centrifugal mixer


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