Meet the Team


Our team is made up of both faculty and students at Western Michigan University. We focus heavily on team based projects as every individual brings a special skill set to each project. Our lab is constantly growing and always looking for new teammates.

  • Dr. Massood Atashbar


    Printed electronics and flexible hybrid electronics

  • Dr. Paul D. Fleming III

    Professor Emeritus Chemical and Paper Engineering

    Printed electronics, surface chemistry, and digital printing

  • Dr. Dinesh Maddipatla

    Research Associate

    Flexible hybrid electronics, physical and chemical sensors, printed electronics, and wearable biosensors

  • Dr. Simin Masihi

    Assistant Professor

    Smart sensors and structures, wearable biosensors, physiological signal processing, flexible hybrid electronics, antenna and propagation, RF circuits and systems

  • Dr. Daryl Lawson

    Associate Professor, Department of Physical Therapy

  • Tony Hanson

    Teaching and Research Assistant, Ph.D. Student

    Sensor design, data acquisition methods, printed circuit design, 3D printing, and embedded systems

  • Sajjad Hajian

    Ph.D. Student

    Flexible sensors, nanomaterials, wearable electronics, printed electronics, and machine learning

  • Valliammai Palaniappan

    Teaching and Research Assistant, Ph.D. Student

    Flexible rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, smart triboelectric energy harvesters, rapid laser prototyping based flexible wearable pressure sensors

  • Masoud Panahi

    Research Assistant, Ph.D. Student

    Wearable biosensors, machine learning and physiological signal processing

  • Sam Ali

    Ph.D. Student

    Design, fabrication, and characterization of printed flexible and stretchable sensor structures, wearable sensors and TENG sensing systems

  • Parinaz Eskandari

    Teaching and Research Assistant, Ph.D. Student

    Image and Signal processing; design, fabrication and implementation of flexible Microplasma devices for Microbiological applications

  • Manoj Emani

    Teaching & Research Assistant, Ph.D. Student

    Printed electronics; fabricating, assembling & testing Li-ion batteries; and machine learning

  • Soma Ahmadi

    Ph.D. Candidate

    Design and fabrication of flexible/rechargeable lithium-ion battery for fast charging application, high CMRR instrumentation amplifiers, and current mode circuits

  • Ali Yadollahi

    Research Assistant, Ph.D. Student

    Design and Fabricate Sensors, Opto-electronics, Solar Cells, Printed Electronics and Semiconductor Devices

  • Alimohammad Haji Adineh

    Research Assistant, Ph.D. Student

  • Gazelle Hajimazdarani

    Research Assistant, Ph.D. Student

    Biomedical Engineering, Bioelectric Engineering, RF and Microwave Active/Passive systems.


Senior Design Teams

  • Wireless Smart Plant Monitor

    Jared Bell, Jared Hughes, and Issac Peterson, Spring 2022

  • A Screen-Printed Sensor to Detect Estrogen Levels in Liquids

    Marie Bridges and Alex Whipple, Spring 2021

  • Flexible Wireless Electrocardiogram (ECG) Monitoring Device

    Yonatan Beyene, Ruth Bahre, and Feysel Mohammed, Spring 2021

  • Flexible EEG Sensor

    Mohit Patel, Adam Schuhknecht, and Evan Fadanelli, Spring 2021

  • Wireless Gait Monitoring & Pressure Distribution Device

    Alex Bawilianthang, Syed Mustafa, and Jeremiah Tumminello, Fall 2020

  • Multichannel PPG System for Medical Applications

    Jose Ignacio Rodriguez-Labra and Chris Kosik, Spring 2020

  • Wireless ECG (Electrocardiogram) Monitoring Device

    Lucas Bonek, Stephen Fenech, and Nick Sapoznik, Fall 2019

  • Hand Motion Controlled Car using Flexible Hybrid Electronics

    Devin Birchfield, Thomas Pasternak, and Xavier Jackson, Spring 2019

  • Music Keyboard Based on Flexible Hybrid Electronics

    Tony Hanson, Kyle Mann, and Jesse Echtinaw, Spring 2018


Past Members and Where they are Now

  • Jose Ignacio Rodriguez-Labra, M.S.
  • Xingzhe Zhang, Ph.D.
  • Arnesh Bose, Ph.D.
  • Zeinab Ramshani, Ph.D.
  • Sepehr Emamian, Ph.D.
  • Amer Abdulmahdi Chlaihawi, Ph.D.
  • John Manyala, Ph.D.
  • Chi-Jung Cheng, Ph.D.
  • Sridevi Krishnamurthy, Ph.D.
  • Sai Guruva Reddy Avuthu, Ph.D.
  • Ali Eshkeiti, Ph.D.
  • Vikram Turkani, 2019 M.S. in Electrical Engineering, NovaCentrix
  • Morteza Rezaei, M.S.
  • Mohammed M. Ali, M.S.
  • Farah Aljanabi, M.S.
  • Douglas O. Downer, M.S.
  • Chen-Tung Feng, M.S.
  • Vidhyavathi Venkataraman, M.S.
  • John Manyala, M.S.
  • Akhil Moorthi, M.S.
  • Shakil Hossain, M.S.
  • Kevin Haisch, M.S.
  • Anil Kumar Aparanji, M.S.
  • Song Koh, M.S.
  • Deep Banerji, M.S.
  • Michael Simpeh, M.S.
  • Sara Pashaie, M.S.
  • Srikanth Singamaneni, M.S.
  • Ruchi Sharma, M.S.
  • Aditya Vijh, M.S.
  • Yinyang Zhai, M.S.
  • Chris Kosik, B.S.
  • David J Hopwood, B.S.
  • Mathew Andres, B.S.
  • Rodneymakuto Wangalia, B.S.
  • David Spillers, B.S.
  • Steve Walke, B.S.
  • Krispian Lawrence, B.S.
  • Usman Muzaffar, B.S.
  • Abhinav Duda, B.S.
  • Abimbola Onafuwa, B.S.
  • Naser Khan, B.S.
  • Diep Dao, B.S.
  • Faiz Syed, B.S.
  • Rolando Garcia, B.S.
  • Savannah Crooks, KAMSC Student
  • Ed Fenwick, KAMSC Student
  • Grey Braybrooks, KAMSC Student
  • Sam Wachowski, KAMSC Student
  • Tracy Broomell, KAMSC Student
  • Tess Johnson, KAMSC Student