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Refer to login instructions if needed.


  • Creating an account
    1. From the goreact.com homepage (we don’t go through a LMS), click the red "Sign Up" button at the top right.

    2. Under "I'm an Instructor," click the "Go" button.

    3. Fill out the form with your account information (example below). Use your WMU email. Don’t forget to write your password down or save it to your computer. Accept the terms and conditions. Click "Submit.".

    4. Fill out the next form with the school information (see example below) Institution Name is “Western Michigan University- Teacher Preparation”. Click "Submit.

  • Creating a course
    1. On the top-left hand side of your dashboard, click the course name(“Demo Course”if you're a first-time user).

    2. Click “Create Course" at the bottom of the drop-down menu.

    3. Enter a course name and set the start and end dates for your course. Optionally, you can select a previous course to copy activities from.

    4. Click the red "Create Course" button.

  • Creating an assignment
    1. Click the blue "Create Assignment" button at the bottom of the assignment list.

    2. The assignment settings panel will open on the right.

    3. Type a name for the assignment (required).

    4. Select an assignment type (defaults to Standard).

    5. Select any additional assignment settings.

    6. Click the red "Create Assignment" button.

  • Assignment settings

    The assignment settings panel is where you set permissions and define how your assignment will appear to your students. On the dashboard, the darkened icons on the right side of the assignment header show which settings are currently enabled.