For teacher candidates

  • Teacher candidate checklist - This checklist is an overview of your responsibilities as a teacher candidate
  • Appeal form - This form is used to request an appeal to take a class during the final internship. 
  • Early release appeal form - This form is used to request an early release from your internship.
  • Lesson plan template - This form is used for the lesson plans you create during your internship.
  •  Substitute Readiness - This form is used to get approval to substitute teach.
  • GoReact Release Form- This form is completed by guardians of students in your pre-internship or internship classroom. It gives permission for a student to be filmed in GoReact videos. 
  • Pre Intern Background Checks- This form has links to the most updated background check forms for all of our partner districts. 

For clinical instructors

For faculty

See clinical instructor forms also. The forms below are specific to WMU faculty.

For cooperating teachers