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The Invisible Need Project is a multi-faceted initiative intended to serve students with unmet needs, while strengthening the culture of giving at Western Michigan University. The Project engages the entire campus community, encouraging all faculty, staff, administrators, and fellow students to come together to help students in need.


Only nonperishable food items in their original, commercially canned, or packaged containers will be accepted. To ensure food safety, the items must have intact labels and be in good condition (no rusty cans) as well as within their expiration dates. Alcoholic beverages will not be accepted, nor will items that are perishable, homemade or repackaged. Foods that contribute to a nutritious meal will be especially welcome. Anyone interested in contributing to this project may also donate cash gifts that will help to ensure funds and food items are available for all students with unmet needs.

We gratefully accept cash donations and use these funds to purchase fresh foods for the food pantry.  We partner with the Food Bank of South Central Michigan to stretch donated funds as far as possible.

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