Support Essential Needs

Essential  Needs ability to support Western Michigan University students is made possible through the amazing generosity of WMU faculty, staff, students, alumni, and the Greater Kalamazoo area community. 
We thank you for your support!

Donate Funds

  • General Essential Needs Fund

    Funds are used to support the various programs and initiatives of Essential Needs and general operations.

  • The Food Pantry

    We gratefully accept cash donations and use these funds to purchase food and personal care products needed for the food pantry.

  • Student Emergency Relief Fund

    Provides immediate emergency relief for financial needs outside of the expected costs of education.

  • Books for Broncos

    Works to help all WMU students in accessing required texts, and other necessary materials, for their courses.

  • Staufer Health Emergency Relief Fund

    Your contribution helps support students who have extreme, short-term medical needs and a limited ability to pay.

  • Broncos. Period.

    Providing short- and long-term assistance to all menstruating individuals on campus.

Donate Items

There is a donation bin outside of the food pantry that is available for drop-off 24/7.

  • Food

    Visit our Facebook page for current needs and what is most popular with WMU students.

    • Nonperishable food items in their original, commercially canned, or packaged containers will be accepted.

    • Items must have intact labels and be in good condition, within their expiration dates.

    • Alcoholic beverages will not be accepted, nor will items that are perishable, homemade or repackaged.

    • Foods that contribute to a nutritious meal are especially welcome.

  • Toiletries
    • Soap

    • Deodorant

    • Dental care (toothbrushes, paste, mouthwash)

  • Menstrual Hygiene Products
    • Sanitary napkins

    • Tampons

    • Menstrual cups

  • School Supplies

    (New or like-new)

    • Binders

    • Notebooks/paper

    • Writing utensils

    • USB flash drives


We offer many opportunities for students, faculty and staff to volunteer with Essential Needs:

  • Volunteer once, or give a few hours each week, working in the food pantry

  • Volunteer on an as-needed basis with big donations or projects

  • Assist with events coordinated by Essential Needs (as-needed basis)

Please email us if you are interested in volunteering.