Broncos. Period.

Help for students with access to menstrual products.

Broncos. Period., as part of Essential Needs, works to end period poverty by providing free menstrual products around campus. This includes single-use and sustainable options.

Campus Locations

  • Aviation Campus (Battle Creek): available in restrooms

  • Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities, Faunce Student Services: available in restrooms 

  • Essential Needs Food Pantry, Faunce Student Services: stocked on personal care items shelves
  • Student Center: available in restrooms  
  • Waldo Library: available in restrooms
  • Sindecuse Health Center: available in restrooms
  • Student Recreation Center: available in restrooms & locker rooms
  • College of Health & Human Services: available in restrooms
  • Ellsworth Hall: available in restrooms 


Period poverty, characterized by the lack of access to menstrual products, can lead to the use of unsanitary compensatory strategies. To address this issue on our campus we’ve created a brief survey to gauge the prevalence of period poverty and identify the needs of students. Your insight will play a vital role in securing funding and donations for hygiene products and inform the Broncos. Period. initiative. The survey will take approximately five minutes to complete and will help support those menstruating on campus. To complete the survey, scan the QR code above or click HERE




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Broncos. Period. began as a grassroots movement by library staff and faculty members to provide access to free menstrual products to WMU students in need. Broncos. Period. conducts product drives, stocks free supplies in Waldo Library's restrooms and raises awareness about the lack of affordable and easy access to menstrual products on campus. Essential Needs invited Broncos Period to join them in 2019, giving students access to menstrual products through the food pantry. The organization Helping Women Period began providing free menstrual products to Broncos. Period. in 2022.