Conference Application

Western Michigan University Conferences aims to streamline our services and provide a personalized touch to our guest experience.  Starting in 2024, we digitized our forms to give guests an easier way to communicate with us! Our Inquiry, Application, and Agreement process allows groups to communicate with us up to a year in advance.


  1. Submit an inquiry.
  2. Someone from our team will communicate with you regarding the inquiry and provide feedback. We always try to have a discussion with new groups via a virtual meeting.
  3. Submit an application when it goes live.
  4. Application is reviewed, and our team will communicate with you and our campus partners.
  5. Our team will send you an official agreement for signature.
  6. Sign and send the agreement back to us! This officially confirms your group's stay!


Inquiries for the 2025 summer season will be taken beginning in May!

The inquiry is the first step in communicating to our team that your group is interested in staying with us.  We use the information provided in the inquiry to make a preliminary determination.  This allows your group to generally know that everything is good to go, dates need to change, or other general information ahead of the official application.  Someone from our team will reach out to communicate information and/or setup a virtual meeting with new groups.

Available: May 2 and the second week of December


Applications are currently open for the 2024 summer season!

To confirm your lodging and dining request for your summer program, please complete the new online conference application linked below. For multiple programs or sessions, each session requires a separate form. After you submit your form, you will receive an email with a copy of your application and information regarding our communication timeline.

Available:  The second week of December – The second week of July


The agreement is our final step in confirming your group’s stay.  Our team will take all the information from the application, discussions with you, information from campus partners and build the agreement. Groups can expect all information regarding their stays, policies and rules and a cost estimate in the agreement. Once the agreement is signed and returned, a group is officially on our calendar.