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The construction industry is a major player in the nation’s economy. According to the US Bureau of Economic Analysis (BFA):

Industry contribution to the national gross domestic product in 2015 amounted to approximately $800 billion. The industry is diverse and includes spending by federal, state, and local governments, as well as by small and large construction companies. Furthermore, the U.S. construction industry employed over 6.5 million workers in 2015 making it a significant economic sector that employs the largest number of professionals and workers.

The complex nature of the construction industry coupled with the challenges of global competitiveness, advanced construction techniques, smart materials, energy efficiency, renewable energy, green and sustainability issues, and evolving regulatory requirements have created the need for providing higher levels of training of construction professionals. Today’s construction companies must respond to these challenges and to the demands of private and public owners who are constantly expecting more for their money. Therefore, an essential and integral part of any comprehensive plan for addressing these challenges must be innovative construction research. The U.S. industry must strive to address these challenges by facilitating the creation of collaborative research partnerships that will contribute to its advancement and enhance its global competitiveness.

mission and vision

The mission of the Bronco Construction Research Center is to: 

  • Provide an interdisciplinary venue that combines civil, mechanical, aeronautical, wind and computer engineering disciplines.
  • Advance construction body of knowledge through innovative research
  • Distill research results into best practices that can be implemented by industry.
  • Educate the next generation of construction researchers by engaging doctoral, masters, and undergraduate students in mechanical, civil and aeronautical engineering interdisciplinary research
  • Transfer technology to industry through product development and through knowledge dissemination (publications, workshops, and seminars

The vision of Bronco Construction Research Center (BCRC) is to advance the construction industry through state-of-the-art innovative research that is focused on addressing global construction challenges and creating better, stronger, sustainable, safer, and resilient construction systems and materials.


Proud Corporate Member of the American Association for Wind Engineering & International Code Council 


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