Geology and Geoscientists

What is Geology and what do Geoscientists do?

“Geo” means “earth” and “logy” means “study”.  As such, geologists study geosphere (the Earth), hydrosphere (the water), atmosphere (the air) and biosphere (the life). Furthermore, geologists find and manage natural resources like minerals, water, oil and gas and study earthquakes and volcanoes to help us to avoid being harmed by natural disasters.

Why is it Important to Learn about Geology?

Geoscientists follow paths of exploration and discovery to solve society's most challenging problems, such as:

  • Predicting the behavior of Earth systems and finding adequate supplies of natural resources.
  • Conserving soils and maintaining agricultural productivity.
  • Maintaining the quality of water supplies.
  • Reducing human suffering and property loss due to natural hazards.
  • Predicting the impact of human activities on natural environments.
  • Defining the balance between demand for natural resources and sustainability.
  • Understanding global climate patterns.