Photo of Andrea Perez
Director, Center for Disability Services and Adult Wellness Programs
(269) 387-7027
Photo of Jill Fraze
Assistant Director of Marketing
(269) 387-7175
Case Management Assistant
(269) 366-6953
Photo of Marti Haug
Finance Analyst
(269) 387-7213
Coordinator of Activities, Skill Building
(269) 387-7414
Photo of David Longjohn
Systems Specialist Sr.
(269) 387-7015
Photo of Dawn Robarge
Program Coordinator, Adult Wellness Programs
(269) 387-7995
Photo of Caitlin Stumpf
Coordinator of Direct Supports, Community Living Services 24-hours
(269) 387-7200
Photo of Jessica Torrey
Supervisor of Programs and Activities, Senior Day Services
(269) 387-7405
Photo of Sandra Wagner
Program Coordinator, Community Connections and Community Living Services less than 24-hours
(269) 387-7403
Photo of Toby Ward
Coordinator of Case Management
(269) 387-7061
Case Management Assistant
(269) 387-7200