Mission, vision and values


The mission of the Western Michigan University Center for Disability Services is to help people who because of age, illness or disability need assistance to live life fully. Through our community living, care coordination, skill building and aging services, our goal is to support a person's intellectual and physical functioning and independence by minimizing the negative impact of age or disability on their life, and assisting them to remain living at home and participating in their community.


Our vision is to provide high quality supports and services and to help all people be active members of their community and achieve the highest quality of life possible.


  • All people are valued members of society.
  • All people have the right to make choices affecting their lives.
  • People who receive our services are unique individuals who should be cherished, treated with sincere understanding and respect, and provided with lifelong learning opportunities.

We will achieve this mission by

  • Empowering people to control their lives.
  • Providing ongoing learning and positive growth experiences
  • Changing community attitudes.
  • Removing barriers to community participation and social isolation.
  • Listening to stakeholders and offering relief to caregivers.
  • Increasing our understanding of the desires and wants of people who cannot communicate conventionally.