The Enabling Garden

Individuals who attend the Center for Disability Services (CDS) have the opportunity to plant, care for and harvest vegetables and flowers in the Enabling Garden. The Enabling Garden is a series of raised garden beds that were built when the Five Senses Garden was developed. This garden is located behind the J.F. Kennedy Center on Oakland Drive. The gardening group at CDS chooses the plants they will care for each spring. The plants are donated by generous local area greenhouses. The gardeners learn how to choose plants, how to space them apart when planting, and the particulars of watering, weeding and finally picking the vegetables. Once they begin to harvest the crop in the fall they use the vegetables to make healthy snacks at CDS. Consumers are able to take vegetables and flowers home to share with their family, friends and roommates. The gardeners really develop a sense of pride when they get to share what they grew with others.