Student Employee Spotlight: Kate Ryan

Kate Ryan, Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science, 2019

How long have you worked at CDS?
I have worked at CDS since July 2018.

What division do you work in at CDS?
I work in In-home Care.

Tell me about your experiences at CDS, any memorable moments?
It's hard for me to choose one memorable moment, because I have had so many! However, there is one that really stands out to me. I work for a man who lost his wife from Parkinson's disease, and I've had many conversations with him about their life together. He loves reminiscing about his wife, and often talks about the grieving process with me. Being there for my client during this healing process has been so meaningful. I never imagined I'd have an experience quite like that, and it really has shaped my view on caregiving.
What's your major?
I just graduated in April with my Bachelor's of Science in Biomedical Science.

Will working at CDS help you meet career goals?
Absolutely! I am a pre-medical student, and having direct healthcare experience is vital to my acceptance to medical school. However, I have discovered so much about caring for another individual in ways far beyond the scope of a resume. Through CDS, I have learned about communication with clients and how to really bond with another person.

What's it like working as a student at WMU?
I believe working while attending WMU is very manageable. Having shifts at CDS was a great way to break-up my academic course load with something I really loved.
Have you learned anything here that you'll take when you graduate?
I have learned so much while working for CDS!  I think what I'll take with me the most is a sense of taking time with people. Sitting and talking with my clients, learning about their lives, listening to their hardships in both medical and personal ways, and spending meaningful time with each person is so important. As a future physician, learning how to slow down and really hear what people are saying is something I'll always take with me.
In 5 words or less, why do you work at CDS?
Because of my amazing clients!