Undergraduate Minors

  • Cast Metals Minor

    Students graduating with a cast metals minor from Western Michigan University’s metal casting program are provided with an education that prepares them to be immediately productive as lab managers, melt supervisors, quality engineers, process engineers or product engineers in the metal casting industry.  The lab experience is very hands-on and students become experienced in the metal casting process. 

    Students complete a senior project which is the capstone of their degree.  It is a two semester project focusing on cast metals and the casting industry. 

    Western Michigan University is a certified school in the Foundry Educational Foundation. 

    Program requirements

  • Integrated Supply Management Minor

    This integrated supply management minor focuses on the supply chain of an organization, from marketing through purchasing, production control, and logistics. Supply chain management is a broad career field, where professionals are involved in every step of the process in providing goods to the consumer, from the time when materials are grown in the ground or mined from it, until they appear on the retail store shelves. Supply chain professionals also work in the service industry because of their skill in improving the quality and efficiency of business process. This program integrates business and technological concepts for a successful career in supply chain management. A major is designed for students in the Haworth College of Business and a minor only serves students with majors in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

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  • Manufacturing Minor

    The goal of the manufacturing minor is to prepare students for careers in the fields of product design, development, and manufacturing. The program is designed to provide the skills necessary for applying emerging manufacturing technologies in many production environments.

    Students completing the manufacturing minor will be called upon to do many things from designing and purchasing equipment to improving and troubleshooting existing manufacturing processes.  The manufacturing minor is also available to Haworth College of Business students.

    Program requirements

  • Plastics Processing Minor

    This plastics processing minor gives students hands-on experiences and exposure to many of those processes. There is almost no aspect of modern life that is not dependent on plastic. It's easy to see why talented, knowledgeable, well-trained plastics engineers are in high demand.  Plastic products are made using a variety of manufacturing processes. With a minor in plastics processing, you'll be able to pursue a career in product design, quality, manufacturing, mold and tool design, and manufacturing system design. 

    Program requirements

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