Automotive Systems Lab

Student working on lab project

In our automotive lab, students will put classroom theories to the test through hands-on work with automobiles' systems and subsystems.

Students will work to understand and perhaps improve upon drive trains, power plants, steering systems, braking mechanisms and safety issues, while considering the factors of comfort, handling, fuel economy and emissions.

Student working on lab project

To do this students frequently use the following types of machinery which, outside of a very sophisticated university setting, can only be found inside automotive companies themselves: engine dynamometers, chassis dynamometers, combustion research dynamometers, emission certification equipment, fuels and lubricant equipment

These experiences will train you to apply expertise to the auto industry's processes of design, production and post production. Furthermore, since the industry is striving to become more lean, the automotive option can help you to become more versatile, enabling you to promote yourself as someone who understands theory, machinery and applications.