Analog and Digital Electronics Laboratory

electronics lab

Associated faculty and staff

David Florida


Room B-216 Floyd Hall

Supported courses

  • ECE 2210
  • ECE 3200


Ten workstations are available in this lab. Workstation equipment consists of the following:

  • Digital storage oscilloscope two channel, color and printer.
  • 3 MHz function generator.
  • Built-in power supplies include 0-48VDC, 0-120VAC, 5VDC and +/-15VDC.
  • Variable bench power supplies include 0-30VDC and +/- 0-15VDC.

Personal computers are used to run office applications, web browsers and SPICE software. There is also a local network featuring temporary storage on a file server and workgroup printing. Many small instruments are used in this lab, including analog meter movements of various types and component substitution boxes.