Communications and Networking Laboratory


Associated faculty and staff

David Florida


Room A-209 Floyd Hall

Supported courses

  • ECE 4810 and 4820
  • ECE 5150, Real-time computing
  • Master's and Ph.D. student research

Funded research

  • CAViDS CBM Communication Circuit and Network Development and Fabrication
  • DENSO North America Foundation Grant for Vehicle Electronics and Network
  • Michigan Space Grant Consortium Grant for Network Localization


The laboratory supports student research on wireless ad hoc and sensor networks and real-time embedded systems. In lab, professional software can be utilized for communication system modeling and simulation, circuit board design and development, and algorithm verification. A soldering and desoldering station facilitates circuit board fabrication. Wireless communication testbeds can be used for fast prototyping and field test.

  • Software OPNET, Cadence OrCAD and Virtuoso, IAR, Altium Designer
  • Xytronic LF-8000 lead free soldering and desoldering station
  • Wireless networking testbed based on Jennic’s JN5139 wireless microcontroller
  • Wireless networking testbed based on Texas Instruments’ CC2430/CC2530 SoC for ZigBee/IEEE 802.15.4
  • National Instruments reconfigurable I/O intermediate frequency transceiver
  • Ettus research hardware platform for GNU radio
  • Oscilloscope, power supplies, low frequency waveform generator
  • Radio frequency amplifiers and filters, antennas, attenuators

Students in EDE lab