Digital Image and Signal Processing Laboratory

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Associated faculty and staff

Dr. Ikhlas Abdel-Qader


Room A-208 Floyd Hall

Supported courses

  • ECE 4550
  • ECE 5550
  • ECE 6550
  • ECE 4900
  • ECE 6970
  • Senior Design
  • Master's and Ph.D. thesis and disserations


Six workstations are available, scanner, and printers. Other dedicated tools hardware and software include: Several TI instruments DSP processors such as TMDX320026701 DSP.

  • Real-time image processing, TI TMDX320026711
  • Ground penetrating radar imaging system
  • Several Imaging equipment including infrared thermography imaging system
  • Color CCD tele-camera, Nikon cameras: Software and AV cables, VCR controller, and several Nikon digital cameras
  • Several education material for outreach programs, 20 Lego minstorm robot kits, and five electronic snap kits, and one boe bot robot kit
  • Impact echo system for acoustic testing
  • Digital video camera, Ricoh RDC-1
  • Several environmental sensors
  • Four real-time cameras
  • Several frame grabbers
  • Microscope E400, Nikon, on loan to ITIA
  • Radan and surfer software packages
  • Matlab imaging and signal processing software package
  • Several imaging tools software packages
  • Mathematics, Matlab software
  • Visual Studio, C/C++/Java
  • ProfileMaker Pro 3.1
Students working on lab projects

Research topics

  • Signal processing with an emphasis on images and sound.
  • Medical image analysis and feature extraction.
  • Intelligent transportation systems.
  • Non-destructive evaluation techniques.