Senior Design Project Information Request

The deadline to submit project information is January 20.

To publish the CEAS Senior Design Conference Brochure and Program, the information in the form below is required.


One of the most critical aspects is the project description.  Guidelines for the project description are as follows:

1. Limit the description to one paragraph of approximately 100 words.

2. Write as if the project has already been completed using the past tense. Do not include the company name or faculty names in the description. Tell what the problem was and how it was solved. Include what was done, studied, designed, analyzed, tested, evaluated, etc. Please do NOT begin the description with “The purpose of this project was…”.

3. Please avoid the use of pronouns such as  “I”, “we”, and “us”, and other subjects such as “our group”, “the team”, or “the project” in the description

4. The paragraph should be structured as follows:

  • Need for project (introductory 1st sentence)
  • Tools, specific actions, engineering activities (2nd-4th or 5th sentence)
  • Benefit, big picture outcome (concluding sentence)

5. Please write a draft and have it reviewed by a non-engineer.  Remember these descriptions are also for the general public and people who are not familiar with the project.

Example of an excellent description:

Spinal injuries are extremely common, especially within the lumbar region. A three-dimensional paramedic model of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar regions of the human spine was created using Pro/ENGINEER, a parametric solid modeling software package. The model allows user-specified modifications corresponding to variances in spinal anatomy and emulates physical defects and orthopedic conditions. The model can be used to study deformations and stresses of motion segments using Finite Element Analysis. The completed model provides tools that will aid in future studies of the biomechanics of the spine.

Please see above for best practices regarding descriptions.
List the first and last names of students participating in the group in alphabetical order by last name.
List the name(s) of the project sponsors including company name and complete mailing address. List N/A if the project has no sponsor.