Sexual Misconduct


Due to COVID-19 and this period of physical distancing, Institutional Equity is temporarily closed for office visits and meetings. Staff continue to respond to phone calls, emails, incident reports, and virtual communication is arranged as necessary.

We are committed to the safety and wellness of the members of our community. If you need emergency assistance, please contact your local police or hospital.


Sexual and Gender Based Harassment and Violence

Western Michigan University's Sexual and Gender-based Harassment and Violence, Intimate Partner Violence, and Stalking Policy and Procedures final, approved by the Board of Trustees, July 2015, and updated September 2016.

University Sexual Misconduct Policy

Campus Resource Guide

Reporting sexual misconduct

To report an incident of bias, harassment, discrimination or retaliation related to sexual harassment, violence, and other forms of sexual misconduct, please use the Incident Reporting Form.

Incident Reporting Form