WMU Esports teams operate at the club level and compete competitively with other universities' club or varsity teams in the region. The club teams are student-run and financially self-sufficient. Each team is a registered student organization and require tryouts for participation.

The WMU Esports program currently participates in the following games:

Other opportunities to compete involve our intramural sports program. A variety of esports games are offered through intramural sports. For current offerings, visit the WMU IMLeagues page or contact Mike Berdowski

  • Overwatch
    • Victoria Brzostowski
    • Jackson Distelrath
    • Kevin Ellis
    • Jalen Lewis Glenn
    • Cameron James Greene
    • Elijah Kauffman
    • Aboda Radwan
    • Joseph Schumacher
  • Rocket League
    • Joshua Crockett
    • Jacob Holt
    • Fares Khaberi
    • Jonah Krueger
    • Jack Reznich
    • Alex Sayeg


  • Valorant
    • Eli Arnold
    • Ben Gernaat
    • Alexander Milano
    • Luke Oakes
    • Lucas Rock
    • Josh Ryan
    • Thomas Woods