Requirements for Students

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Illustration of student sitting with laptopExpanding on the traditional general education, WMU Essential Studies is designed to let you make more connections among courses and benefit from multi-layered content.

Level 3: Connections (2 courses): In this level, you will complete two courses that are the culmination of the your WMU Essential Studies program. They are designed widen your perspectives, engage in local, national, or global issues; and further develop the core skills introduced in levels 1 and 2.

Review Connections Courses

Level 2: Exploration and Discovery (6 courses): The six courses you select in level 2 will promote your intellectual growth and personal responsibility. These courses may be taken at any point in your program, although WMU recommends taking them after level 1 courses.

Review the Exploration and Discovery Courses

Level 1: Foundations (4 courses): Typically introductory or first-year courses, the four areas in this level build the essential skills you will need for success in college, careers, and life after graduation.

Review the Foundation Courses

  • Diversity and Inclusion Requirement (1 course): You'll not only learn how diversity and inclusion impacts affect yourself and others, you will engage in meaningful interactions and understand the historical influences that impact today's world.
    To fulfill this requirement, select one course in level 2 or 3 that has a Diversity and Inclusion component as noted with DI.
  • Planetary Sustainability Requirement (1 course): By analyzing the actions of community that promote or disrupt the well-being of the human and natural worlds over time, space, and culture, you will discover the interconnectedness of the human and natural worlds and the concept of sustainability.
    To fulfill this requirement, select one course in level 2 or 3 that has a Sustainability component as noted with PS.

Making Essential Studies work for you

With all these options, how will you choose? Some students may prefer to develop a particular interest or improve on a particular skill. The connections among the levels in WMU Essential Studies makes that easy. Explore these options.