Level 3: Connections

For the Connections Level requirements, you will select two (2) courses:

Local and National Perspectives

In these courses, you will apply ethical, critical and informed thought within and across disciplines. Select one (1) course from the Local and National Perspectives column below.

Global Perspectives

Developing global and international knowledge, problem-solving, and understanding will give you the world perspective demanded in industry today. Select one (1) course from the Global Perspectives column below.

Important Note

The courses and descriptions listed below are for spring 2024, summer I/II and fall 2024 semesters. For a complete list of WMU Essential Studies courses, access the PDF. Enrolled students can also access descriptions by logging into GoWMU and accessing DegreeWorks.



Spring 2024

Summer I 2024

Fall 2024

DI Courses designated as DI fulfill the Diversity and Inclusion requirement.

PS Courses designated as PS fulfill the Planetary Sustainability requirement.