Fulbright Alumni

fulbright logoThe Western Michigan University Fulbright alumni community extends back to 1952, when Professor Chester L. Hunt of the Department of Sociology traveled to the Philippines as a Fulbright Scholar. The University sent out its first student on a Fulbright award in 1949, welcomed its first incoming Fulbright Scholar in 1981 and the first incoming Fulbright Fellow in 1999. The University encourages all Fulbright alumni to stay engaged via resources offered on this Web page.

Fulbright Association of Michigan chapter

The Fulbright Association engages current and former Fulbright exchange participants in lifelong experiences that advance international understanding through volunteer service to communities, people-to-people diplomacy, and dialogue on global issues. Fulbright Association members form the active constituency for Fulbright exchanges to ensure that they continue to benefit future generations. Established on Feb. 27, 1977, the Fulbright Association is a private, nonprofit organization whose members are Fulbright program alumni and friends of international education. The association supports and promotes international educational and cultural exchange and the ideal most associated with the Fulbright name—mutual understanding among the people of the world.

Fulbright Association national website

WMU Fulbright U.S. Student Program Recipients

Name Year Field Award  Country
Byron Ronnie Miller 2020 Sociology Research Mongolia
Kelsey Dovico 2018   ETA Spain
Ian Magnuson 2015   ETA Germany 
Peter Dobek 2015 History Research Poland
Keith Carver 2015   ETA Turkey
Ramon Barthelemy 2014 Education   Finland
Alicia A. Acosta 2012   ETA Spain
David Terry 2012 History Research Spain
Patrick William Harris 2012 History Research  Spain 
Jack Goodman 2011 History Research  Italy 
Stephen Staggs 2010 History Research Netherlands 
Irene E. Geisler 2009 History Research Latvia
Kendra I. Combs 2007 Psychology Research Japan
Brian N. Becker 2005 Medieval Studies Research Italy 
Aimee J. Jachym 2004   ETA South Korea
Travis C. Bruce 2004 Medieval Studies Research Spain
Yazmine M. Watts 2003 Political Science Research Senegal
Ester R. Schoenherr 2003   ETA Germany 
Miguel Centellas 2003 Latin Politics Research Boliva
Christopher L. Totten 1999 Theater Research Australia  
Mychelle L. Abernethy 1995 Theater Research United Kingdom
Karena A. Brown 1993 Anthropology Research Italy 
Marlene Spletzer 1986   ETA West Germany 
Daniel Arce 1985 Economics Research Colombia 
Rebecca Janson 1985 Literature  Research Bangladesh
James H. Bos 1967 Agriculture Research Malaysia 
Rosalie Amman 1966 Creative Writing Research United Kingdom
Edward A. Livingston 1965 Music Research  United Kingdom
Kendall W. Folkert 1964 Religion  Research West Germany 
Charles W. Hatfield 1949 French Research France