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The High Impact Leadership (HIL) Project for School Renewal is changing the way school leaders and teachers think, talk and act to ensure all students have equitable opportunities to achieve literacy success!

We do that by bringing resources, training, coaching, and workshops to schools throughout Michigan with one goal in mind: to support teachers and principals in implementing research-supported practices, or “Literacy Essentials,” that will improve literacy skills and equitable opportunities for all students. Since 2017, HIL Project has been supporting elementary school leaders throughout west Michigan in implementing with high integrity and high fidelity a set of leadership principles, through a cycle of research-supported practices, to create and sustain school-level change that increases student achievement.


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"The HIL project has been a force of positivism, positive growth, transparency, and vehicle for continued progress. It is not another initiative that will be forgotten in two years. We have not only made positive growth with our data, but the program promoted us to unite our staff, speak truthfully... and improve communication between students, staff, and building principals."HIL Project Team Leader