HIL Model for School Renewal

The HIL Model uses the best of leadership, implementation and educational research to provide both principles and processes that lead to systemic, sustainable change in schools.

High impact leadership principles

Positive core

  • Mission and vision focused
  • Growth mindset
  • Appreciative lens
  • Strengths-based

Evidence-based decisions

  • Collaborative inquiry
  • Performance profiling
  • Progress monitoring
  • Leading and lagging indicators

Collective ownership

  • Distributed leadership
  • Shared responsibility
  • Social trust
  • Interdependence

Organizational learning

  • Reflective practice
  • Double loop questioning
  • Systems thinking and alignment
  • Levels of learning

Phases of school renewal

Phase I

Appreciative vision

Phase II

Performance profile

Phase III

Aligned growth targets

Phase IV

Progress monitoring

Phase V

Reflection and renewal