Event Management Class Schedule Recommendations

The information below is a list of class recommendations for Western Michigan University students minoring in Event Management, which is offered through the Department of Human Performance and Health Education. 

HPHE 1700 is the required cognate and it could be taken as a general education class. This class is typically offered throughout the year and serves as an introduction to leisure and recreation. Additionally, it helps to understand the significant trend of placemaking, special events and community celebrations.

HPHE 2100 is only offered in the fall and can be taken concurrently with HPHE 1700. This is an event theory class and provides a framework for determining event feasibility through the development of environmental scans, goals and objectives, event financial feasibility, and stakeholder assessment and development.

HPHE 3100 and HPHE 3110 are only offered during the spring semester and you must receive a C or better in HPHE 1700 and 2100 before registering. Both HPHE 3100 and 3110 can be taken concurrently.

HPHE 3100 is an event management class focusing on the principles, practices and focuses on event dashboard components including goals, objectives, success metrics, contracts, risk management including crowd control certification, volunteer and staff development, logistical time-lines, and event design and mapping. Customer centricity models are used throughout the class.

HPHE 3110 is an event marketing class and focuses on traditional and nontraditional marketing. Learning the concepts of target market segmentation, value propositions and unique selling experiences, the class project involves writing a traditional event marketing plan. Social media, sponsorship development, written communications and target audience messaging are learned tactics.

FIN 2420 is offered throughout the year and can be taken at any time. Although it is recommended that the class is completed prior to the HPHE 4199, it can be taken concurrently.

HPHE 4199 is an internship program requiring 225 hours of field experience. Pre-requisites include HPHE 1700; 2100; 3100; 3100. This class can be taken concurrently with HPHE 3100; 3110. Students planning to take HPHE 4199 are encouraged to work with the event management minor coordinator to secure an internships prior to registration.