Photo of Yuanlong Liu
(269) 387-2674
Photo of Brittany Ferenc
Administrative Assistant I
(269) 387-2688
Photo of Mauro Andre
Assistant Professor, Physical and Health Education Teacher Education
(269) 387-2701
Photo of Colin Cork
Assistant Professor of Sport Management
(269) 387-2681
Photo of Deborah Droppers
Event Management Program Coordinator
(269) 388-2830
Photo of Nicholas Hanson
Associate Professor of Exercise Science, Undergraduate Program Coordinator
(269) 387-2670
Photo of Geumchan Hwang
Associate Professor of Sport Management, Graduate Program Coordinator
(269) 387-2693
Photo of Sangwoo Lee
Associate Professor of Exercise Science
Photo of James Lewis
Associate Professor of Sport Management, Undergraduate Program Coordinator
(269) 387-2697
Photo of Timothy Michael
Professor, Exercise Science, Graduate Program Coordinator
(269) 387-2691
Photo of Michael G. Miller
Professor of Exercise Science
(269) 387-2728
Photo of Jongho Moon
Faculty Specialist I, Physical and Health Education Teacher Education
(269) 387-2712
Photo of Julie Raedy
Faculty Specialist I, Exercise Science
(269) 387-2687
Photo of Zeljka Vidic
Associate Professor, Coaching Sport Performance, Graduate Program Coordinator
(269) 387-2677
Photo of Carol Weideman
Master Faculty Specialist of Health and Wellness, WES
(269) 387-3087
Photo of Jiabei Zhang
Professor of Adapted Physical Education, Graduate Program Coordinator
(269) 387-2949