Mike Coval ‘09

Image of Mike Coval '09Mike Coval (BS ‘09, exercise science) is the owner and founder, of COVAL Fitness & Sports Performance in Ann Arbor, Michigan. After Coval interned with Indianapolis Fitness & Sports Training he realized he not only enjoyed helping athletes, but non-athletes that were striving to lose weight, rid chronic aches and pains, and improve their performance both in and out of the gym. 

With this mindset, Coval founded COVAL Fitness & Sports Performance as a private fitness and sports performance center that focuses on creating training plans that are specific to the client needs and goals. Coval and his team are aware that their commitment to the members of COVAL Fitness goes beyond training and that delivering the highest quality of services is of utmost importance. 

“I feel extremely fortunate to be able to live my passion on a daily basis with the members of COVAL Fitness and I look forward to continuing to apply all that I have learned to the members of COVAL Fitness,” Coval states.