Careers in African American and African Studies

Graduates of the African American and African Studies program at Western Michigan University are trained in critical thinking and analyses, and the development of competence in oral and written communication. Students will have developed a broad and deep understanding of the movement of history, culture, public policy, subjugation, oppression, economics, liberation, governance and inequality, among other issues. Consequently, graduates will be prepared to pursue a variety of career paths.

Upon graduation, AAAS majors may pursue the following career paths:

  • Entry-level positions in public and private non-profits, especially with an emphasis on issues of cultural competence, diversity and inclusion
  • Entry-level positions in business, politics and government
  • Support and direct service positions in public schools, social service organizations, and the juvenile and criminal justice systems
  • Professional and graduate study in law, the social sciences and social work

Careers in Anthropology

Anthropologists are trained to think critically about global and local issues. Employers are increasingly seeking individuals who understand diversity and have the skills to analyze difference and communicate across varied settings. Anthropologists work in corporations, academia, nonprofit organizations and non-governmental organizations, as well as with federal, state and local governments.

The anthropology major and minor in the Department of Anthropology at Western Michigan University provide solid preparation for postgraduate training and careers in a number of fields such as archaeology, applied anthropology, museum work, conservation, education, forensic science, law, health and medicine, international business, marketing, human services, tourism and other fields that require an understanding of cultural diversity and human adaptability. The practical skills anthropology students gain in observing and recording human behavior, interviewing, designing survey instruments and scientific analysis are invaluable in many career fields.

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