Photo of Monique Haley
Acting Director
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Photo of Cathy Kimmel
Administrative Assistant II
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Photo of Tim Bober
Instructor of IIAS
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Faculty Specialist I
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Photo of Elise DeCamp
Faculty Specialist I of IIAS
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Photo of Jacqueline Eng
Associate Professor of Anthropology
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Photo of Britt Hartenberger
Associate Director for Anthropology
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Photo of Erika Hartley
Instructor of IIAS
Professor of Anthropology
Faculty Specialist II of IIAS
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Photo of Mariam Konaté
Professor of IIAS
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Professor of Anthropology
Photo of Gary Marquardt
Associate Director for African American and African Studies
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Photo of Ann Miles
Professor of Sociology
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Photo of Michael Nassaney
Professor Emeritus
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Photo of Staci Perryman-Clark
Professor of English and African American Studies
(269) 387-2586
Photo of Jennifer Richardson
Associate Professor of IIAS
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