Nominations and Additional Supporting Material

The Western Michigan University Make a Difference award is reserved for Staff Compensation System, AFSCME, MSEA and POA employees. If you know of a coworker or staff member who deserves to be honored for outstanding service to WMU, use one of the options below to nominate them for a semiannual award or provide more information for their consideration as an annual award candidate.

A committee of peers will select award recipients based on your comments, not on the individual's reputation, title or position. Provide specific information and use descriptive examples in support of your nominee to assure this person gets the full consideration deserved. For selection criteria and detailed program information, view the program guidelines.

To ensure unbiased selection, your nominee will remain anonymous. To assure your nominee will remain anonymous to the committee throughout the selection process, please do not use your nominee's name or department within the text of your nomination.

Each year, fall nominations are due Oct. 31, spring nominations are due Feb. 28 and additional information for consideration of an annual award is due May 31.