Follow the leader: WMU senior reflects on his leadership success

Edward Singleton professional photo wearing dark suitTaking on leadership positions—that is how Edward Singleton II has found success at the Haworth College of Business. The Business Bronco enjoys collaborating with others in the leadership and business strategy and marketing majors to create innovative ideas. “The programs have helped me gain more experience, work efficiently with teams and develop skills in strategic problem-solving.”

With his mind set on a career that involves teamwork and leadership, Edward made a point to seek out roles on campus to network and gain the skills needed for his professional plans. His campus involvements in Phi Chi Theta National Co-Ed Business Fraternity, Business Influencers Organization, Sigma Alpha Lambda National Honors and Leadership Organization, American Marketing Association, and Business Association of Mentors are some of the ways he has been able to form connections and hone skills. “These opportunities have helped me to become more professional, feel more prepared for interviews and develop a resume, as well as gain confidence in myself.”

Not only did Edward learn from his extracurricular activities, but he also received a great deal of knowledge within the walls of WMU Haworth. He discovered that communicating effectively to his team must be a priority to succeed as a leader. When given a group assignment, he had to make sure he communicated with his team and gave good feedback, while being approachable and open to any questions they might have. “The key to getting constructive feedback is being able to use resources that are readily available. Asking questions about the problem I am facing  in order to better understand solutions helped me immensely. I also learned that teamwork and communication are very important in this industry because people will have varying opinions, but they all have the same goal—to complete the project effectively.”

As he finishes his senior year at WMU, Edward is ready. “I hope to apply the tools my professors have shared with me to my future career. I now know how to network with employers, and build customer relationships, apply feedback and act on all types of data. These skills will help me be a leader wherever I go.”