Graduate students honored for research poster demonstrations

Contact: Deanne Puca

The 2013 Research and Creativie Activities Poster Day took place April 5.

KALAMAZOO—Twenty-three Western Michigan University graduate students were recognized for outstanding poster demonstrations of their research earlier in the month.

The seventh annual WMU Research and Creative Activities Poster Day showcased scholarly work from a total of 60 graduate student projects.

Winning poster demonstrations

  • Amy Morrison Gyorkos, biological sciences, "GDNF's Expression in Slow- and Fast-twitch Muscle Fibers are Dependent on Exercise Intensity"
  • Abdul Wahed Mohammed and Rusthi Mohamed Ibralebbe, civil and construction engineering, "Greening Cement-based Products with Waste Powder Paints"
  • Nathan Christensen and Marilyn Glass, industrial and manufacturing engineering, "Landfill Audits"
  • Ting Chen; paper engineering, chemical engineering and imaging; "Can Coating Composition Influence Inflection in Quickset Ink Setting Profiles to Improve Sheet-fed Print Quality and Efficiency"
  • Caitlin Callahan, Mallinson Institute for Science Education, "From Map to Mind: Using Video Logs to Explore the Process of Geologic Mapping"
  • Katie Strong, speech pathology and audiology, "Supporting Identity in Aphasia: A Survey of Speech-language Pathologists"
  • S. Bedoor, J.C. Lighthall and S.T. Marley; physics; "Study of 14B (d.p.) Using Reaction in Inverse Kinematics"
  • Lamees Mohamed and Abotalib Zaki, geosciences, "Toward a Better Understanding of Modern and Paleo-hydrologic Settings in Arid Lands"
  • Thomas Ratkos and Sean Field, psychology, "Effects of Varied Response Methods on Student Performance and Preference"
  • Dini Ghuzini, economics, "Bank Leverage and Asset Positions: Cross Country Evidence"
  • Robert McCowen, interdisciplinary Ph.D. in evaluation, "An Evaluation of the Overall Quality Assurance and Transparency of Evaluation at the Swiss National Science Foundation"
  • Kristin A. Hobson, interdisciplinary Ph.D. in evaluation, "Meta-analysis as a Method of Multi-site Evaluation of International Development Projects and Programs"
  • James P. O'Donnell, David P. Maison, Teresa J. Clark and Ryan L. Wessendorf; biological sciences; "Functions of a Thylakoid Zinc-finger Protein, TZFP2, in Thylakoid Biogenesis"
  • Mohamed Rusthi, civil and construction engineering, "Remote Monitoring of Fatigue Sensitive Details on Steel Bridges"

The April 5 event was sponsored by the Office of the Vice President for Research, Research Policy Council, the Graduate Student Advisory Committee and a variety of colleges and University offices.